About Us

North Yorkshire PACT is a collective voice for parents of children with disabilities and additional needs. We support parents and carers by helping them find relevant information about what support is available for their children and how to access this support, whether it is for medial, educational or social settings.

As parents and carers we encourage you to participate and have your views and opinions listened to so that they can directly influence the services that are available for our children and for families across North Yorkshire.

We work alongside all the parent support groups in North Yorkshire to help keep parents and carers informed of both local and national news and events which affect us all.


What we do

  • Build partnerships with social care, health and voluntary organisations
  • Ensure parents influence the way services are designed and delivered
  • Train and support parent representatives to work with local service providers and commissioners
  • Run events and activities so that parents can network together and share ideas
  • Help parents and carers keep up to date with local and national developments
  • Respond to consultation documents
  • Ensure parents and carers at the heart of decision making.


How we are run

We are an independent and growing voluntary organisation run by a Management Committee of volunteer parent carers and advisors. As well as overseeing the running of the organisation, the Management Committee also represent NYPACT members at meetings with service providers.

We are supported by a part-time member of staff (the NYPACT co-ordinator, Pauline Wardman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) based at Community First Yorkshire.


How we are funded

NYPACT is funded annually by North Yorkshire County Council for the NYPACT co-ordinator’s post and receives an annual grant from the Department for Education to fund the management committee.


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