Tired Out, Family Fund's new sleep support hub

Tired Out, Family Fund’s new sleep support hub, is now live and ready to support parents and carers of disabled children with sleep issues.

In 2013 Family Fund asked families from across the UK about how sleep difficulties affect them, leading to the issue of our publication of the report Tired all the Time.

Within the report parents, carers, siblings and wider family members, told Family Fund that they “experience significant financial, social and emotional challenges as a direct result of not having enough sleep.” Parents said that they want to be listened to, heard and also be better able to access information and support.

Through Family Fund's commitment to do more for these families and working in partnership with a range of organisations, Tired Out was created.

Tired Out aims to support families to make things easier by pulling all the information and resource around sleep in one place. Family Fund hope to make it easier to find out about what is available in your local area, as well as provide useful tips and a wide range of resources, providing and complete sleep support hub.

Find out more about Tired Out. If you would like to contact us about Tired Out please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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