01 April 2014 in News

This article is a report from the NYCC Conference: The biggest change in special education in 30 years: Preparing for the Children and Families Act 2014. You can find more articles on the conference here.

This workshop was run by a foster parent of children with SEN.

The aim of the workshop was to encourage people to look at the resources they already have and to build upon these resources. By building upon current resources by thinking of who to turn to, how to gain further information and how to improve existing services this should assist with taking charge of how lives are lived and help with decision making.

An example was given of a young person needing to undertake work experience. The owner of a café regularly visited was approached and the work experience was implemented.

The workshop was very enthusiastically and well presented. The idea of looking at what is already there, maximising its potential and building upon it is a principle that could be applied to everyone in all aspects of life.

In theory it is an excellent idea, however there is a need for the people involved to be confident, articulate and to have the ability to be able to assess situations. People who are already overwhelmed by situations that they already find themselves in, and/or are struggling to cope, and those who lack confidence in social situations or decision making would not benefit from this principle. Support would need to be provided to a lot of people in order for them to be able to maximise the opportunities available.     


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